The Unannounced Samsung Galaxy S III Now Features Wireless Charging [Another Rumor]

Anyone up for another Samsung Galaxy S III rumor? Even if you’re not, you’re getting one since there’s not much else to talk about. According to Korean publication DDaily, the Samsung Galaxy S III will have a built-in inductive charger capable of receiving a charge from a power source up to 2 meters away. Why they stopped at 2 meters is beyond me, I mean it’s a rumor, they should have blew our minds with something like 10 meters away. Now that would be a rumor! While inductive charging isn’t a new concept, this would be the first device able to pull a charge from a couple meters away.

Having wireless charging built-in to a device seems like a natural enough progression and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if the Samsung Galaxy S III features it. It’s also rumored that all charging components are being built in-house by Samsung which is sure to spark a charge in the wireless charging market. The Samsung Galaxy S III is shaping up to be quite the unicorn and since it’s the only device to really look forward to, we’ll keep the rumor mill churning.

via The Verge