Fleksy Messenger lets you chat from your Gear 2 smartwatch


Your Samsung Gear 2 tells you when you get incoming messages and lets you read them on your wrist — and thanks to Fleksy, you can now reply to them without pulling out your smartphone. The company has integrated its award-winning virtual keyboard into a new messaging app designed specifically for the smartwatch.

I know what you’re thinking; the Gear 2’s tiny screen is no good for typing out your messages. But in true Fleksy style, the company has designed a new virtual keyboard that makes the most of the limited space available on the Gear’s tiny 1.6-inch screen.

It uses Fleksy’s intelligent prediction engine to help you type exactly what you want to type — even if you make a few mistakes. While you won’t want to write essays with it, it’ll certainly help you shoot off short and sweet replies in an instant without the use of your smartphone.

Fleksy Messenger works alongside the messages app on your Samsung smartphone to allow you to read and reply to incoming SMS messages. Fleksy COO Ioannis Verdells believes the technology “is redefining what wearable technology devices are capable of, and how users will engage with their smartwatches.”


Fleksy Messenger is available today for the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, and you can download it now from Samsung Apps.