LG isn’t making a Nexus 6 for Google


LG’s last two contributions to the Nexus line have undoubtedly been the best Nexus smartphones we’ve seen from Google. Combining high-end specifications and excellent build quality with affordable price tags, they’ve helped make Nexus devices popular not only with developers, but with Android users as well.

But despite the success of these devices, LG hasn’t been called upon to make a Nexus 6.

When quizzed about any involvement in another Nexus device, LG communication director Ken Hong told Dutch publication Draad Breuk that the South Korean company had heard nothing from Google.

Normally, we were informed,” Hong said. “That can mean two things. Either, I was ignored, or we do not make it.”

Given that the Nexus 5 will be a year old this October, Google likely will have lined up a manufacturer for its successor already. That’s if a Nexus 5 successor is part of Google’s plans, of course.

Recent rumors have claimed that the affordable Nexus lineup could be replaced by the “Android Silver” family of high-end devices from new handset makers. Some sources claim, however, that this is unlikely to happen until at least 2015, which could mean one more round of Nexus hardware.

If the Nexus brand does live on, dropping LG wouldn’t come as much of a surprise. While its devices have been successful compared to previous Nexus smartphones, Google traditionally switches hardware manufacturers every two years — and it has done since the very first Nexus devices.

We may find out more about Google’s plans for the Nexus at Google I/O next month. A new Nexus 7 is expected, so if it doesn’t turn up, that could be an indication that the Nexus is no more.