BlackBerry teams up with Amazon to bring Android apps to BB10


BlackBerry has today announced that it is teaming up with Amazon to bring Android apps and other content to BlackBerry 10. The licensing deal will see the Amazon Appstore pre-installed with the BB 10.3 update coming this fall, making 200,000 Android apps readily available to BlackBerry users.

BlackBerry also confirmed it will be closing its own music and video stores this July.

BlackBerry has always embraced Android apps with BB10. Since the platform made its debut in January 2013, users have been able to side-load converted Android apps to access titles that weren’t available on BlackBerry natively.

BlackBerry then made the process easier with its 10.2 update by allowing the installation of unmodified APK files. Users have long been able to install the Amazon Appstore themselves, then, but thanks to BlackBerry’s new deal with Amazon, the store will come pre-installed with the version 10.3 update coming this fall.

We’re excited to be working with Amazon to deliver the apps and content that you’ve been looking for,” BlackBerry said in its press release. “It’s an exciting new day for BlackBerry 10 device owners.”

BlackBerry may have planned to phase out Android app support from BB10 as the platform matured, but a lack of support from third-party developers has meant users have been forced to use Android apps to access their favorite services. Big names like Instagram, Netflix, Pinterest, and Spotify are not available natively.

BlackBerry also announced today that it will be closing its own music and video stores inside BlackBerry World on July 21. Items you’ve already purchased will still be accessible through the “MyWorld” section, but to purchase new content, you’ll need to look to third-party services available through Amazon Appstore and BlackBerry World.