Pressy finally begins shipping to Kickstarter backers


Pressy, the innovative Android add-on that adds a physical button to your headphone jack, has finally begun shipping to Kickstarter backers. The news comes more than 8 months after Pressy secured almost $700,000 — ten times its original $40,000 goal — in funding from supporters.

If you’re unfamiliar with Pressy, it’s a wonderful little device that plugs into the headphone jack on your smartphone and adds an extra physical button. Users can customize it to perform different tasks, such as activating the flashlight, taking a picture, recording a voice note, or calling a contact.

The first batch of Pressy units shipped from China on Monday night and are expected to reach customers in 1-3 weeks — depending on where you live, according to an email distributed to backers. The Pressy companion app, which you’ll need to be able to use the add-on, is already available to download from Google Play.

Pressy hit Kickstarter last August and quickly became a huge success. When funding finished a month later, it had secured a whopping $695,138 from almost 29,000 supporters, who have been waiting for their Pressy ever since. The device was originally set to reach backers back in April, but it was hit by a series of delays.

It’s still unclear at this point when Pressy will go on general sale. Pre-orders are already being accepted with prices starting at $27, but the scheduled shipping date is “Spring 2014,” which has already passed.