Theme Showcase gives CyanogenMod ROMs a whole new look


The custom ROM just became a little more customizable for CyanogenMod users. Thanks to the new Cyanogen Theme Showcase app now available from Google Play, it’s now easier than ever for those running CM ROMs to find beautiful new themes that can transform the look of their device.

Cyanogen Theme Showcase works alongside the terrific theme manager built into the most recent CM ROMs and allows users to discover new themes available from Google Play. But the app isn’t just great for its users; it will also be hugely beneficial to theme developers who should enjoy more exposure for their work.

CM themes don’t just include icons and wallpapers, but also fonts, system sounds and ringtones, accent colors, boot animations, and more. They provide a whole new level of customization on Android, and they make it easier than ever to completely overhaul almost every aspect of your launcher’s look.

Theme Showcase will feature both recent themes built for launchers like Trebuchet, Nova, and LauncherPro — as well as legacy themes designed for the T-Mobile theme engine. You’ll need a device running CyanogenMod to be able to use the app, and only a limited number of devices are supported at the moment.

To find out if your device is compatible and to download Theme Showcase, follow the Google Play link below.