Gear 2 update brings notification blocking, improved S Health app


Samsung is rolling out a new Tizen update for the Gear 2 smartwatch which adds a brand new Blocking Mode and improvements to the S Health app. You now have the ability to disable incoming notifications when you do not want to be disturbed so you’ll no longer be woken up by vibrations in the middle of the night.

The update comes with software version number “,” and it’s the first update the Gear 2 has received since it was announced at Mobile World Congress back in February. It’s not a major release, but it does add a welcome new feature in Blocking Mode, and makes some nice improvements elsewhere.

With Blocking Mode, you can quickly disable all incoming notifications so that you’re not disturbed when you don’t want to be. You can schedule it to turn on automatically when you go to sleep, or you can turn it on manually, which is perfect for keeping your watch quiet during meetings and movies.

The update also makes some improvements to the Gear 2’s S Health app — mostly to improve stability. It’s available to download now via the Gear Manager app on your Samsung device, or using KIES for Mac and PC.