Domino’s app lets you order pizza by voice


Domino’s Pizza has today added Nuance voice recognition to its Android and iOS apps, enabling users to order pizza using their voice. The technology provides a “human-like” customer service experience that hopes to make it easier to order your dinner on the go.

The platform, in partnership with Nuance, will redefine technology convenience – and puts Domino’s at the forefront of an intuitive ordering method that is a true first within both traditional and e-commerce retail,” Nuance says in its press release. Maybe it’s not quite so revolutionary, but it is pretty darn cool.

Instead of using your fingers to order pizza, then, you’ll be able to says things like “I’d like a large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and onions” to add items to your basket. You’ll even be able to browse the Domino’s menu and coupons using your voice, and Domino’s plans to add additional feature as customers become familiar with voice ordering.

So, what’s the difference between using the Domino’s app to order with your voice and just phoning your local store? Well, nothing really — except the former is more likely to get your order wrong — but Nuance hopes the added convenience will mean increased sales and customer satisfaction.

“Whether ordering pizzas, booking a flight or transferring money into a bank account – convenience is what translates to increased sales and customer satisfaction,” said Robert Weideman, Nuance executive vice president and general manager, enterprise division.

“Our Nina platform is enabling organizations like Domino’s to do just that, and we are very proud to be a part of offering this convenience to their growing number of mobile app users.”

Voice ordering is available today inside the Domino’s apps for Android and iOS, but it seems to be exclusive to U.S. customers for now. You can download the update from the App Store and Google Play by following the links below.