Samsung website confirms Galaxy Note 4 with Quad HD display


Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 4 will boast a 5.7-inch Quad HD display, according to information hidden in the South Korean company’s own website. Mentions of the device were buried in a user agent profile, which confirms its model number and super sharp 2560×1440 resolution.

While we weren’t sure exactly how big the Galaxy Note 4’s display would be, it’s long been rumored it would feature a Quad HD panel. Samsung has been promising Quad HD smartphones for some time, and it seemed unlikely that the company wouldn’t release one in 2014 — especially after LG announced its flagship G3.

Now we know the Galaxy Note 4’s display will be the same size as the Galaxy Note 3’s, but with a significantly greater resolution. A user agent profile (below) found hiding in Samsung’s website confirms that the device, which will have the “SM-N910A” model number, has a 2560×1440 resolute and an ARM11 processor.


Will the Galaxy Note 4 be the first Samsung device with a Quad HD display, though? Maybe not. Rumor has it the Galaxy F — previously referred to as the Galaxy S5 Prime — could appear anytime now. In addition to a 2K display, it is expected to pack a Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB of RAM, and an improved rear-facing camera with optical image stabilization.

We’re likely to see the Galaxy Note 4 at IFA Berlin in September. All of its predecessors have been announced at this event.