DROID Fighter Meets Mr. Blurry Cam: A Familiar Face From A Familiar Manufacturer

Mr. Blurry Cam (no he doesn’t really exist) has finally captured the mysterious DROID Fighter (the device showing up in leaked Verizon documents) and it appears to be extremely similar to the overly marketed DROID RAZR. In fact, other than its lack of capacitive buttons, I’d swear I was looking at a DROID RAZR MAXX. Really Moto? This is all you could come up with? Apparently the DROID Fighter will have a slightly larger 4.6 inch HD display, on-screen buttons only (like the Galaxy Nexus). and the same ginormous 3300mAh battery as the DROID RAZR MAXX. Meh…

It looks like Motorola and Verizon’s new mobile business is to release the same phone with one or two new features every couple months. Release a 4G Gingerbread RAZR with a tiny irremovable battery and market the hell out of it. Convince a few million saps that it’s the best thing since sliced bread and then laugh all the way to the bank. Wait a couple months and then release the same phone with a larger battery and call it the DROID MAXX. Remove half the storage of the original RAZR, discount it, and then continue to market the hell out of both. After a few more million saps buy it, release the same phone, this time remove the capacitive buttons, give it Ice Cream Sandwich and an HD screen (which it always had in China) call it something different, wash and repeat.

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe improving and expanding on a great brand is a good thing and love seeing new iterations of great phones. However, when you’re pushing these “new” models out every couple of months to mobile consumers who are mostly locked into 2-year contracts, it’s downright deplorable. It shows that you’re simply flooding the market with half-assed phones instead of creating one solid device that will get users through at least half of their contract without feeling buyers remorse.

I’m extremely disappointed in Motorola. They seem to be taking this approach with most of their flagship devices (think DROID 2, 3, 4). I guess the same could be said for a few other OEMs and it’s quite disappointing. I won’t be drinking that Kool-Aid and I sure hope Motorola sticks to their promise of fewer, better phones for 2012.