HTC Gallery app now lets One M8 owners adjust Ufocus blur


HTC has updated its Gallery app to give One M8 owners the ability to adjust Ufocus blur levels manually when editing their images. The update also brings Dimension Plus and Pan 360 to last year’s One M7, and it’s available to download now from Google Play.

Ufocus, a headline feature for the One M8, takes advantage of the handset’s Duo Camera setup to enable users to refocus their images after they’ve been taken. It also uses the depth information captured with each photo to produce stunning depth of field effects with foreground and background blurring.

Ufocus is one of the finest photography features I’ve used on a smartphone — but it doesn’t always work perfectly. For instance, if the subject of your image is a little complex — say, a dog covered in hair — then Ufocus often blurs the outline because it’s unable to distinguish it from the background.

But thanks to the new ability to adjust Ufocus blur, you can fix those images by decreasing the blur effect. In the first image below, Ufocus blur is turned all the way up, which was the default setting until today’s update. In the second, the blur has been decreased a little.


Notice how the outline of the dog is fuzzier in the first shot than it is in the second? Part of his left ear disappears almost completely into the background in the first one, and while the background isn’t blurred out as much in the second shot, the subject does look better.

HTC’s new Gallery app is rolling out now via Google Play. It’s available to the latest HTC devices, and you’ll find it in the updates section if it hasn’t already been installed automatically.