64GB Moto X available now after ‘Try Then Buy‘ promo is cut short


The Moto X “Try Then Buy” promotion that allowed customers to sample the device for two weeks for just 1¢ has now ended after Motorola “sold all the Moto X phones allotted for this promotion.” The offer went live just this morning, but Motorola did state that it would only be available “while quantities last.”

It’s not all bad news, though; a new 64GB version of the Moto X is available now.

Motorola announced its Try Then Buy program on Twitter on Saturday, June 7. Many felt the promotion was an effort to shift warehouse stock ahead of a Moto X refresh this summer, but given the time it took for that stock to be claimed, Motorola obviously didn’t have many handsets lay around to begin with.

You can still buy a Moto X, and the estimated delivery time for all models is 9 days — you just cannot get one for a penny. You can get one with 64GB of storage, however. The new option became available through Moto Maker this morning, priced at $449.99.

That’s $100 more than the 16GB variant, and $50 more than the 32GB variant. It’s still not a bad price for a 64GB phone, though — unless you compare it to the high-end OnePlus One, which will sell for just $349 when it finally goes on general sale. But who knows when that will be.