HTC DotView case gets third-party notifications via unofficial tweak


There are plenty of positive things to say HTC’s nifty DotView case for the One M8, but its lack of support for third-party notifications isn’t one of them. Fortunately, those with a rooted device can now take advantage of an unofficial tweak to change this themselves.

The DotView’s best feature are the tiny holes in its front cover the allow the time, weather, and certain notifications to shine through — giving users the ability to view useful information without waking their device. The only problem is, the DotView only officially supports a small number of notifications from first-party apps.

If your One M8 is rooted, however, (and you’re running a deodexed Sense ROM) you can now download and install the Venom DotView Notifications tweak from XDA to add support for third-party notifications yourself. Furthermore, you can specify which notifications you wish to see.

Setup is as simple as installing an APK, and once it’s done, you can dive into the Venom DotView Notifications app and tell it which apps you want to see DotView notifications from. In the future, you’ll also be able to customize the color of the flashlight and weather widgets.

It’s not quite perfect yet, though. Third-party notifications only display app icons, so if you receive a message through WhatsApp, for instance, there’s no telling who it’s from. However, it should help you decide whether those incoming alerts need to be dealt with right away or can be saved for later.

To download the Venom DotView Notifications APK, just follow the source link below.