Chromebook users can now watch movies and TV shows offline

GPlay_chromeapp_v01_r04 (1)

Who says Chromebooks are useless without an Internet connection? Not Google, which today announced that Chromebook users can now watch movies and TV shows offline using the new Play Movies & TV app for Chrome OS.

The new Google Play Movies & TV Chrome app makes your favorite movies and TV shows on your Chromebook available any time, anywhere – even without a WiFi connection,” the search giant said in a Google+ post.

One of the biggest drawbacks about the Chromebook and its browser-based operating system is that functionality is severely limited without an Internet connection. Google has slowly been working to change that since the birth of Chrome OS, and its latest move is a big one for movie and TV lovers.

After updating the Play Movies & TV app, users will find download buttons alongside their content that allow them to save it locally on their Chromebook’s internal storage. Downloaded content can then be enjoying offline at any time. To accompany this change, Google says it has “improved the local playback experience” for those watching content in the Chrome browser.

The update also introduces Info Cards, which provide all kinds of information about your content — and improvements for Chromecast streaming. You’ll find the latest version of Play Movies & TV in the Chrome Web Store now by following the source link below.