You can finally control music volume from your Pebble


You can now use your Pebble to control music volume on your smartphone and tablet, thanks to a new Pebble app update that’s available now on iOS (and coming soon to Android). It’s accompanied by a version 2.2 firmware update for Pebble watches, which also adds the ability to reorganize the Launcher Menu.

That means you can finally shift the apps you used most to the top of the list on your Pebble. To do so, highlight the app you want to move, then press and hold the Select button. Once it starts shaking, you can use the up and down buttons to change its place in the Launcher Menu. Press Select again to drop it.

While that’s certainly a nice addition, the biggest Pebble improvement is the ability to control music volume on your Android and iOS device form your wrist (finally!). As demonstrated in the Vine video below, you’ll need to press and hold the Select button while in the Music app to bring up the volume controls.

The Pebble app update is available now on iOS — look for it in the App Store — and coming soon to Android. You’ll also need to install the latest Pebble firmware to access the new features.