iPad comes first in Pornhub tablet stats


Apple has always been keen to point out that iOS users spend more time with their devices than those who choose Android, but what exactly are they doing with them? According to statistics from Pornhub, one of the biggest and most successful free porn sites with 38 million users a day (did it need an introduction?), many of them are enjoying porn.

“Over the past year, Pornhub has seen a major shift in the types of traffic coming to our site,” the company revealed in a blog post this week. “Of the 38 million people who visit Pornhub each day, over half are now using mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.”

And a massive 73 percent of those using a tablet to watch porn are using Safari, the stock web browser on iPad. Chrome, which is also available on iOS, is chosen by just 13.6 percent of Pornhub’s visitors, while the stock Android browser (which has been replaced by Chrome in more recent versions of Google’s OS), is used by 7.8 percent of visitors.

Amazon’s Silk browser, which ships on the Kindle Fire tablet range, takes fourth place with a 4.8 percent share; while the BlackBerry PlayBook browser is a distant fifth with just 0.69 percent.

Given the iPad dominates the tablet market, it’s unsurprising that it comes out on top (no pun intended) in tablet browsing statistics. But it is a little more surprising that the iPhone also tops the chart of Pornhub use on smartphones with a 38.2% share.

The latest figures from IDC show that Android and iOS grabbed a whopping 91.1 percent of smartphone market share during the first quarter of 2014. Android alone accounted for 70.1 percent, while the iPhone made up just 21 percent. And yet, only 29.4 percent of those who access Pornhub from a smartphone use the Android browser.

Steve Jobs’s mission was to keep the iPad porn-free, and Apple is dead against allowing porn apps in the App Store. But thanks to tablet-friendly sites like Pornhub, that’s always going to be an impossibility.