LG G3’s resizable keyboard now available to rooted Androids


The LG G3’s fancy new keyboard is now available to download for other Android-powered smartphones. The unofficial port, which was extracted from an official G3 ROM, is available to rooted devices and is “working perfectly” — even on third-party operating systems like TouchWiz and Sense.

The keyboard was first made available on the XDA Developers forum by “Cloudyfa,” and there are several installation methods to choose from. You can either flash the ZIP using a custom recovery or via Busybox, or you can install it via an APK created by “Bender_007.”

I went with the third option (the easiest one) when installing the keyboard on my HTC One M8, and although I had to repeat the process twice, it did install successfully and has been working well. I have found autocorrection to be a tad slow, but it’s hard to determine whether that’s the way LG’s keyboard works or because it’s running on an unsupported device.

It is a nice keyboard, though. It’s not too dissimilar to Google’s stock Android keyboard — which is my keyboard of choice — but it allows a greater level of customization.

LG has been keen to promote its easy resizing feature, which lets you drag the top of the keyboard up and down to resize it — but you can also customize certain keys, use black and white themes, and shift the keyboard to the right or left side of your display for one-handed use.