BBM update makes friending easier and adds new emoticons



BlackBerry has today begun rolling out its version 2.2 update for BBM, which adds a bunch of new emoticons and makes some nice improvements. Signing up is easier than ever for new BBM users with this release — as is adding new friends to your BBM contacts list.

Being a recovering BlackBerry addict, I’ve long used BBM to connect with friends and family. While most of them have slowly switched to Android and iOS over the years, there are a few who would give up their children before they give up their physical QWERTY keyboards.

And while the vast majority assume BlackBerry is dead now, that’s not quite true — especially not for BBM. The platform has always been incredible popular, and it has only became bigger since arriving on Android and iOS, which is why BlackBerry has been keen to keep improving its BBM apps.

Today’s update is a big one, making a number of changes that improve the user experience. Signing up is now easier and faster than ever for new BBM users; all you need to provide is your name, email address, and a password and you’re in. Adding new friends has been simplified, too.

When you invite friends to you on BBM via email, the message will now include a link that’ll add them right into your contacts list — without any further action. There’s no need to share your BBM PIN anymore.

This release also adds 16 new emoticons, including a hotdog, maracas, “hot lips,” and a stop sign. You can see all of the new icons below.


BBM version 2.2 is available to download now if you’re on Android. Those on iOS will receive it in the coming days.