AT&T solar charging stations are reproducing on the streets of New York


Instagramming your skinny cinnamon latte and taking selfies of yourself with your skinny cinnamon latte is always going to take its toll on your phone’s battery. But that’s going to be less of a concern for those who live and work in New York, where AT&T’s new solar charging stations allow anyone to top up their juice while they sit down and relax with their skinny cinnamon latte.

These AT&T “Street Charge” stations — as they’re officially known — are popping up all over the streets of NY. AT&T first began installing them last summer, but the company recently doubled their presence due to popular demand. There are 45 stations in total right now, located across Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.

To find your nearest Street Charge station, you can find a map of all installations on AT&T’s website. Most of them (12) are located in downtown Manhattan, as you might expect, with only one in The Bronx, two in Queens, and three in Brooklyn. They’re open to anyone — you don’t have to be an AT&T customer — and they’re completely free to use.

The latest Street Charge stations are slightly better than the originals. They’re made from sturdier materials, are more weather-resistant, and are designed to withstand heavier usage. You can use them day or night to charge both phones and tablet, as well as other devices that use a micro USB connector.

So forget about carrying around a charger in your bag all day. When you head out for lunch and pick up your skinny cinnamon latte, go enjoy it in Central Park or on Brighton Beach and top up your phone at the same time. Just remember not to leave your handset unattended, though.

Source: AT&T