Android’s best Twitter app gets DashClock integration, hashtag autocomplete and more


Fenix, the best Twitter client you can get for Android, today received a new update that adds DashClock integration, hashtag autocomplete, and the ability to see up to four images in a single tweet.

The update makes Fenix an even better buy, and gives you another reason to ditch your current Twitter client.

I wrote about Fenix last month, shortly after it made its Google Play debut. I’ve used pretty much every third-party Twitter I’ve stumbled across for Android, and this is the only one that doesn’t have me wishing for improvements or extra features; it already has almost everything you could want from a Twitter app. And its latest update makes it even better.

Fenix now boasts DashClock integration, allowing you to see how many unread tweets, mentions, and direct messages are waiting for you with a quick glance at the DashClock widget on your home or lock screens. To add Fenix to DashClock, simply head into DashClock’s settings menu, tap “add a new extension,” and then choose Fenix.

Today’s update also makes it quicker to add hashtags to your tweets with hashtag autocomplete. Fenix will suggest popular hashtags as you begin typing, and you’ll be able to select the ones you want to add.

Finally, Fenix now allows you to view up to four images in a single tweet. If a user you follow posts multiple images at once, then, you’ll now see four of them in your timeline rather than just one.

Fenix costs $2.49 in Google Play, and it’s well worth every penny. If you don’t already have it — and you should — just follow the link below.