Simple tweak adds real-time CPU information to your status bar


Monitoring the speed of your smartphone’s processor can be hugely beneficial, particularly to those with battery life problems who may have installed buggy apps that aren’t idling in the background. And now it couldn’t be simpler to keep an eye on CPU information at all times, thanks to a new tweak that puts real-time speeds in your status bar.

You’ll need to do a little bit of tinkering to get this tweak installed, but the instructions or clear and concise and very easy to follow. You’ll need to start by downloading and installing the CPUSpied APK from the XDA Developers thread. Don’t attempt to run it just yet, though.

Once you’ve installed that, download the “” from the same thread and extract it. On your Android device, open your your favorite file explorer — I recommend Explorer from Speed Software — and navigate to /system/priv-app/ to find the SystemUI.apk. Now open it up (open it, not run it) and copy the Smali files you just extracted into here.

While still inside the SystemUI.apk, navigate to /res/layout/ and find the “statusbar.xml” — then open it up. Paste the code below anywhere you like inside this XML file.

<potato.mariozawa.statusbar.CPUSpy android:textColor=“#ffffff” android:layout_gravity=“center_vertical” android:layout_width=“wrap_content” android:layout_height=“wrap_content” android:singleLine=“true” />

If you want CPU speed to be displayed on the left side of the status bar like in the screenshots above, place this code before “<”

You should now restart your device. Once it has booted up, you can open the CPUSpied app you installed initially to enable real-time speed information in your status bar.

That wasn’t too difficult, was it. Enjoy!