Ever wondered how much you’ve spent on Google Play in total?


If you’ve been an Android user for a number of years — and you don’t mind spending money on good apps — then you might be surprised by how much cash you’ve spent on Google Play in total. Those tiny $2 purchases soon add up. So, how do you find our your total spend on Google Play content?

It’s easy with My Paid Apps, a free app that provides you with a list of all the apps, books, movies, music, and TV shows you’ve purchased from Google Play — and tells how much you’ve spent in total.

We’ve written about My Paid Apps before here on Cult of Android. What’s great about this app is that it’s fast, easy to use, and it offers a number of handy features without being cluttered and chaotic. All you need to do is login with your Google account and in a few seconds it’ll provide you with a list of everything you’ve ever bought from Google Play.

Although it’s called My Paid Apps, it doesn’t just provide a list of your software purchases, but also all yours books, music, movies, and TV shows. It even includes in-app purchases — so you can see every penny you’ve ever spent in Candy Crush Saga (though you’ll probably want to forget about that).

I find My Paid Apps super handy because as you’ve probably noticed, Google Play doesn’t tell you how much something costs after you’ve bought it. If it’s an app, the price tag is replaced by an “Open” button, while movies and TV shows provide a “Play” option. However, this information is handy when you’re recommending apps to friends.

My Paid Apps solves that problem — and does lots of other things. Thanks to its latest update, you can now get a figure for your total spend on Google Play. The app also provides a filter, so you can see how much you’ve spent on individual content types.

You can download My Paid Apps from Google Play by following the link below.