Sony brings instant Instagram alerts to SmartWatch 2


Instagram addicts with a Sony SmartWatch 2 can now get comments and likes delivered directly to their wrists. Sony today released a new “Smart extension for Instagram” app that’s available for free from Google Play, and it provides instant Instagram alerts that you won’t need a smartphone to read.

This is by no means a miniature Instagram client for your wrist, but let’s face it, no one really wants that. Instagram is all about enjoying the photos you and your friends are sharing with the world, and that experience would be somewhat marred if all the photos were squished down to fit on a 1.6-inch display.

You cannot view your Instagram feed and check out new snaps, then, but you can view incoming Instagram notifications. The extension allows you to read comments and see likes without having to pull your phone out of your pocket.

It’s perfect for seeing your eagerly-awaited feedback on that awesome selfie with your cat while you’re out for dinner with a loved one, or sandwiched up against other commuters in a busy train carriage.

The Instagram extension does not appear on SmartWatch 2 as an app — it is instead integrated into Smart Connect. It’s also compatible only with the second-generation device, not the original SmartWatch 2. Follow the Google Play link below to download it.