The keyboard dock that turns your Asus PadFone into a laptop


Smartphones that transform into tablets are already a thing thanks to the creative minds at Asus, and soon PadFone users will have a third form factor to enjoy. The leaked images below reveal an upcoming “Asus Mobile Dock Keyboard” that turns the PadFone into an Android-powered notebook computer in a matter of seconds.

While the vast majority of us see our phones, tablets, and laptops as separate devices that rarely team up without the help of a USB cable or Bluetooth connection, that’s not the case for PadFone users. Thanks to some nifty Asus accessories, the 4.7-inch phone quickly transforms into a 10.1-inch tablet — and soon a laptop as well.

Obtained by German blog MobileGeeks, the images above and below show off an upcoming Asus keyboard that will allow you to add near full-size physical keys to your smartphone-cum-tablet. The device connects via Bluetooth, and it has a built-in 450mAh battery, a multitouch trackpad, and a number of Android function keys.


The device is reportedly designed for use with the upcoming PadFone X for AT&T, but given there is no physical connection, it’s possible it will be compatible with other PadFone devices as well. We can’t imagine Asus would launch an accessory like this for use exclusively for one smartphone model available on just one carrier.

While the idea of a smartphone that transforms into a tablet that transforms into a laptop seems a crazy idea to most of us, there are PadFone users that wouldn’t be without this kind of functionality now. Particularly those who are always on the move; carrying around one device that turns into three devices will the help of lightweight accessories is a huge advantage.

The PadFone keyboard dock is expected to make its debut at Computex early next month.