You can grab the Moto X for only $299 today


Motorola’s Moto X might not have met with as much success as the company may have hoped for, even after receiving critical acclaim from many. Despite being 10 months old, the Moto X is an excellent handset with some unique features like Active Display and always-on voice recognition that makes it stand out from the latest high-end flagships from Samsung, Sony and HTC.

If you were waiting for an excellent deal to get your hands on the Moto X, now might just be the time as the company is offering the unlocked retail version of the handset for only $299 this mother’s day (i.e. today). 

Even though the Moto X comes with a dual core processor, it has aged well and does not show any signs of slowness. A speedy software update schedule from Motorola means that the Moto X will always be among the first few devices to receive the latest version of Android soon after it is released. After all, there is a reason why we crowned it the best handset of 2013 despite its modest specs.

The offer is only valid for today (May Day) on the regular as well as the developer edition of the handset. While the 16GB variant will cost $299, the 32GB variant and the developer edition will set users back by $324.99. At this price, the Moto X offers a better value for money than the Nexus 5 and other similarly priced handsets.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Motorola’s website to grab the Moto X for only $299.