The best Android apps of April 2014


April saw a bunch of quality apps land on the Play Store, including a couple directly from Google. The list includes a new email client from Dropbox, a new Twitter client with the potential to become Tweetbot for Android, an extremely popular automation app and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Read below to find out the best apps that were released on the Play Store in April.


After months of waiting, the official IFTTT app for Android was released last month. If you don’t know about IFTTT — it brings together a bunch of online services to allow you to automate certain tasks using triggers. It is based on the simple premise of If This, Then That (IFTTT).


The Android app allows users to create or manage their recipes right from their phone and even includes certain recipes with phone related triggers.  This means you can set your last Instagram upload as your device wallpaper or automatically upload your screenshots to Dropbox and more.

If you have not already tried out IFTTT, definitely make sure to, especially now that it has an Android app.

Download: IFTTT (Free)

Google Camera

The stock camera app on the Nexus devices is beyond terrible with a horrible UI, a painstakingly slow auto-focus mechanism and more. Google finally decided to fix its mistake last month with the release of the new Google Camera app. The app is available as an update to the existing Camera app on the Play Store and brings with it a completely new UI and some new features and enhancements.


One notable feature is Lens Blur that allows users to take photos with the fake bokeh effect, just like on the HTC One (M8). Other enhancements include a high-resolution panorama and photosphere mode and quicker auto-focus.

Just like every other Google app, Google Camera is free to download but not just for any Nexus device but any Android device running KitKat or higher.

Download: Google Camera (Free)


Fenix is z new twitter client on the block for Android. It comes with all the usual set of features that one expects from a Twitter client nowadays including realtime streaming and filters. What makes Fenix special is its well thought out and easy to use UI.


If you are looking for the next Falcon Pro replacement for your Android device, definitely give Fenix a try. You can read more about Fenix in our in-depth review here.

Download: Fenix ($2.49)

Today Calendar

The Google Calendar app is fine by all means but it sports a pretty boring design. In comes Today Calendar from Jack Underwood — a streamlined and modern looking calendar app for Android. The app is based on the AOSP calendar but the developer has made enough visual and under-the-hood changes that makes it stand-out from just about any calendar app available on the Play Store.


If you are looking for a beautifully designed calendar app that has all the features you will need, definitely check out Today Calendar. As an added bonus, the app also comes bundled with a beautiful set of home screen widgets with a month and agenda view.

Download: Today Calendar (7 days trial)

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is an extremely handy app from Google that allows users to access their PC or laptop remotely from their Android devices. The service was earlier available to a closed group of beta testers only. Setting up Chrome Remote Desktop is extremely easy — simply install the Chrome plug-in and then configure it to accept remote desktop connections.


The app packs in all the basic features seen in other remote desktop apps like pinch to zoom, the ability to use the keyboard to input data and more. Compared to LogMeIn, it is missing some gestures but then with its free price tag, there is not much to complain about.

Download: Chrome Remote Desktop (Free)


More than a year after being acquired by Dropbox, Mailbox for Android is finally here. It has a very intuitive UI and makes extensive use of the swipe gesture. Its notable features include Auto-swipe, the ability to snooze a mail and routing all of your receipts to a list.


If you want to make your inbox reach that magical figure of zero, definitely make sure to try out Mailbox. However, keep in mind that all your emails will be passed through Dropbox servers, something that many privacy freaks will not be comfortable with.

Download: Mailbox (Free)

Did we miss any app that you think should have made it to this list? Drop in a comment and do let us know!