It’s now even easier to send photos and videos in Facebook Messenger


Facebook may have just splashed out an incredible sum of money on WhatsApp, but that doesn’t mean the social behemoth will begin neglecting its own messaging app. Facebook Messenger for Android today received a nice new update that makes it quicker and easier to share photos and videos with your friends.

This update essentially brings Facebook Messenger’s compose shortcuts on Android in line with those already offered on iOS, which is great. When I have to use my iPhone for whatever reason (I don’t really do so through choice anymore), I do miss some of Messenger’s handy shortcuts when I switch back to Android.

So, when you compose a new message now, you’ll notice some new buttons above the text box. Tap the photo and you can quickly insert images and videos already saved in your gallery, while the smiley face presents you with your stickers and the microphone lets you insert voice recordings.


Messenger now lets you snap and send pictures without leaving the app.

Tap the camera, however, and your keyboard will make way for a viewfinder, allowing you take your shot and insert it without having to leave the Messenger app.

In addition to the new shortcuts, Facebook Messenger also promises faster search, and a quick and easy way to get new sticker packs. When someone sends you a sticker you don’t already own, you can tap and hold it to get the pack.

The latest Facebook Messenger release is available to download now from Google Play.