The Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition is about to touch down


Earlier today, Google updated its Galaxy S4 GPE listing on the Play Store with a picture of the Galaxy S5, thus suggesting that a Google Play Edition of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone is on the way. Unfortunately, all the other information on the listing page remains identical to that of the S4, but seeing as the search engine giant has already made the first move, the full listing should be updated shortly.

As you can see in the picture above, Google has put very little effort into the press render design. It’s absolutely awful, the handset appears to have on-screen keys, even though it already has the identical physical buttons situated just below them, and the screen doesn’t seem to be in the center of the device — it’s situated a few centimetres closer to the left.

Either way, the dimples, heart rate monitor, camera placement, design and IP67 tight-seal methods do, go some way to confirm that this is indeed the Galaxy S5 we’re looking at, and it shouldn’t be too much longer before the Play Store listing is updated to support this — so be sure to check back for more information on the matter.