HP hopes you’ll choose Android for your next notebook


When I think about buying a new computer, my first concern is whether I want Windows or OS X. I almost always choose the latter, but a number of PC manufacturers are hoping to turn more and more of us onto Android instead.

We’ve seen Android-powered notebooks and desktops from the likes of Acer and Asus, and now HP looks set to continue the trend with the Slatebook 14 — a new laptop powered solely by the world’s biggest mobile operating system.

If you’re already an Android user, and you don’t need Windows or OS X — or another “desktop”operating system — for a particular reason, then buying an Android-powered computer makes a lot of sense.

Not only are they likely to be cheaper than traditional notebook and desktop computers, but you’re already familiar with the way the system works, and you’ve likely already built up a catalog of applications — many of which you may have paid for — which will run on your new machine.

You also get access to Android’s excellent game library and the ability to play your favorite mobile games on a larger display with keyboard controls. And there’s no doubt HP’s leaked Slatebook 14 will be able to run those games, because it has some excellent specifications.

It’s essentially the same as the Slatebook x2 internally, with a 14-inch touchscreen display (1920×1080), a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra processor, and 2GB of RAM. It also has lots of connectivity options — including HDMI, USB, a microSD card slot, and a SIM card slot — and Beats Audio integration.

What we don’t know for certain at this point is if or when the Slatebook 14 will be available. But given that the promotional video below was found hiding on the HP website, it appears the company could be making preparations for an upcoming announcement.