Stream your home movies to Chromecast for free


Streambells, one of the finest media streaming apps on Android, is now even better after receiving a new update that adds support for the Google Chromecast. It makes Streambells the first Android app to fully support all popular media streaming platforms — including Apple AirPlay and DLNA.

And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also love how easy it is to use, and the fact that it’s completely free.

What’s great about Streambells is that it makes it easy to stream the media saved on your smartphone to compatible devices around your home — such as a Smart TV, a Roku, an Apple TV, and now the Chromecast dongle.

Not only can you send videos stored on your phone, but also music, photos, and videos from YouTube. One of the things that make Streambells better than competing apps is that it can act as a bridge between your TV or set-top box and media servers on your network.

We had some family over recently for my daughter’s third birthday. I wanted to show them a short video I’d put together over Christmas (yeah, it took me a while), but I had transferred it to my Mac because it was taking up too much space on my phone.

I wasn’t going to ask everyone to huddle around my MacBook Air, and I wasn’t going to make them wait while I burned it to a DVD — it’s 2014! So I opened up Streambells on my phone, connected it to our Smart TV, then found the device on my Mac via Plex.

It doesn’t just support Plex, either — you can also stream content from a Windows Media Server, a PlayStation 3, and other servers connected to your home network.

In seconds I had my video streaming, in high-definition, to our living room TV, and I hardly had to do a thing — I just tapped a few buttons on my phone.

Streambells sits in your notification bar when it’s active, so you can quickly get back to the app via the notification drawer.┬áIt has a beautifully simple interface that couldn’t be easier to navigate, and having used it a lot over the past few months, I can vouch for its impressive stability and reliability.

As long as your network is stable, Streambells will be. And it’s completely free. Download it now via the Google Play link below.