Check out the OnePlus One’s insanely speedy boot-up time


I can’t tell you how much of my life has been wasted staring at boot up screens. I’m sure most smartphone owners are in the same boat. But those who upgrade to the new OnePlus One will hardly ever have to endure that painful wait again.

The $299 flagship has an insanely speedy boot-up time. In fact, in a simple speed test against the Nexus 5, the One booted up, powered down, and booted back up again in the time it took Google’s device to get to the home screen.

Like the HTC One M8 — and other HTC devices that came before it — the OnePlus One boasts a nifty “fast boot” feature. When you turn it off, it actually goes into a low-power hibernation mode and keeps certain things stored in the handset’s memory.

That means that when you hit the power button, the phone is ready for action much quicker than it would be than if the device had been “shut down” completely — and you spend less time starting at the startup logo.

Fast boot only works, however, if you power down the One properly by holding the sleep button and selecting “power off.” If its battery dies, then obviously there’s no power to keep that hibernation mode going, and fast boot won’t work.

Also, if you select “reboot” after holding down the sleep button, the device performs a proper reboot, killing all processes and clearing everything saved in the system memory. That’s why the reboot process takes longer in the speed test below from

I’ve been enjoying the fast boot feature on HTC devices for years, and although I don’t power down my smartphones all that often, it’s still something I’m immensely grateful for. I’m surprised more manufacturers aren’t building it into their own software — but it’s good to see that OnePlus is.