Sonic Racing Transformed Goes Free On Android & iOS


Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, the hugely popular kart racing game that features Sonic and a number of other famous video game characters, is now available for free on Android and iOS.

SEGA hopes that making the title free will improve its multiplayer experience, and the company has new updates planned to introduce new characters, tracks, and modes that will keep new and old players coming back for more.

You’re probably already familiar with Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, because it’s quite possibly the biggest kart racing game on smartphones right now. And now that it’s completely free to play, it’s only going to get bigger.

Don’t think SEGA’s making it free because it no longer has plans to support the title, though. On April 29, it will roll out a new update that will allow players to play as Metal Sonic and Wreck-It-Ralph, and introduce new game modes, including World Tour Chapter and Boss Cup Grand Prix.

It’s unclear at this point whether the game will remain free now, but SEGA hasn’t said this is a limited-time sale. It already offers some in-app purchases, so it’s certainly plausible that it will now be free to download permanently and rely on those IAPs to bring in the cash.

Whatever the case may be, I urge you to go grab this game now if you haven’t already. It’s heaps of fun — especially if you’re already a fan of kart games — and it includes a ton of characters you’ll already know and love. Just follow the download links below.