Dutch Court Denies Samsung’s Bid To Ban Sales of Apple’s iPhone and iPad in the Netherlands

In the latest patent war saga, a Dutch court ruled that Samsung cannot assert 3G patents against Apple products using Qualcomm’s baseband chips — as Samsung has a licensing deal with the U.S. chipmaker — thus denying their bid to ban the sales of the iPhone and iPad in the Netherlands. However, Samsung didn’t consider the ruling a complete loss as the Hague court also ruled that Samsung could seek damages over the use of Intel chips. While Apple doesn’t use Intel chips, this gives Samsung ammunition against those that do.

“(The) ruling by the Hague court provides Samsung with a legal basis to move forward with the protection of our patent rights,” the South Korean firm said in a statement.

“Samsung has and will continue to stand ready to meet its obligations in licensing its technology on fair and reasonable terms.”

The whole thing continues to defy logic as Samsung continues supplying Apple (their largest customer) with their chipset and touch screen panels. Apparently suing your business partner from pole to pole is the key to a successful partnership nowadays. I guess it’s time to start rewriting those college textbooks.