Twitter’s App Ads Now Offer Direct Download Links


Twitter advertisements promoting apps and games will now offer direct download links that make it easier and faster for users to obtain the titles that catch their eye.

Twitter teased the new feature several weeks ago and officially announced it today, but it has already been testing it with select companies, including Spotify, Deezer, and HotelTonight — so you may have already seen the new ads in your timeline.

In fact, you may have seen the ads already and not even noticed them, because they don’t look all that different from regular promoted tweets. As you can see in the screenshots below, the new versions simply include a new “Download” button that allows users to obtain the apps they want without having to open their app stores and search for them manually.


When you tap the button, you’ll be taken directly to your selection in the App Store or Google Play — and once you’ve confirmed you’d like to proceed with the download, you will be automatically taken back to Twitter.

Twitter hopes the changes will improve user engagement in these ads. Rival Facebook has had tremendous success promoting apps and games, The Wall Street Journal reports. While the company hasn’t officially disclosed any figures, it is thought that users downloaded 245 million titles last year after seeing ads in their news feed.

Twitter must find new ways to monetize its user base having reported slowed growth in its last financial quarter. Download links are just one of many ad changes the company plans to implement this year; “click-to-call” buttons that put users in touch with companies and the ability to purchase goods directly from your timeline are also being looked at, The Journal reports.