Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Replacement Backplate For Your New Galaxy S5 On eBay


Samsung launched its flagship smartphone of 2014, the Galaxy S5, in a whopping 125 countries on Friday, and for many customers who were lucky enough to get their hands on one, it was their first IP67 certified waterproof smartphone — so it’s only natural that they were eager to get it home and submerge the handset in water to put it through its paces.

Once they’ve played around with their new phone for an hour or two, owners will then probably want to personalize it as best as they can; this usually comes in the form of purchasing skins, decals or even replacement housing. That’s where this post comes into play. Since Friday, we have seen a shedload of third-party backplates designed exclusively for the Galaxy S5 appear on eBay. However, we strongly recommend you refrain from buying one.

Here’s why.

Although there’s nothing better than creating a multicolored smartphone that’s tailored to your personal preference, we don’t advise doing so at the cost of your handset’s protection. Many of the battery doors currently available on eBay do not feature the rubber gasket and metal bumper on the inside of the plastic which is essential for the device to remain waterproof under the IP67 standard.

So, be aware that by attaching one of these doors the reliability of the hydro-protection becomes compromised and immersing your brand new Galaxy S5 in water might just kill it. There’s a very high risk that liquid could seep into the built-in circuitry that’s essential to keep your device functioning correctly. If it’s added protection you’re after, though, we’d definitely urge you to check out Speck’s lineup of smartphone cases.

For those of you who want to make your device a little bit more unique, but also want to protect it at the same time, we’re currently in the process of devising a post that consists of some of our favorite accessories for the Galaxy S5.┬áSo stay tuned for that one.

In the meantime — enjoy your new toy!