Android’s Chrome Beta Now Has Chromecast Support, Lets You Undo Closed Tabs


Google updated its Chrome Beta app for Android this week, adding support for Chromecast streaming and a new feature that lets you undo closed tabs — making it quick and easy to go back to webpages you accidentally closed.

Chrome for desktops has a “reopen closed tab” feature — you’ll find it in the File menu — and it’s incredibly useful. If you close a page accidentally or you want to hide a page you were looking at (I’m not judging), this makes it super easy to get them back without having to route around in your browsing history.

In addition to this, the update adds support from casting “some” videos to Chromecast, and allows fullscreen videos with subtitles and HTML5 controls. It also makes Chrome compatible with select “multi-window,” but Google doesn’t specify which ones.

Because this is a beta release, it may not be completely stable, but it’s good for testing the new features ahead of their public release. If you don’t already have the Chrome Beta app installed on your Android device, you can download it by following the Google Play link below.