New Audio Bug Discovered On The HTC One (M7) Running Android 4.4.2

HTC One Android 4.4

Some users over at the XDA Forums are reportedly facing issues with the audio of their HTC One (M7) while recording videos. It is said that the video recorder app only records audio from the left channel, making the video inaudible. The issue seems to have surfaced after the Android 4.4.2 update was rolled out to the smartphone with the software versionĀ 4.19.401.11.

So this clearly isn’t a hardware related issue as one would expect, since reverting back to Android 4.3 makes this bug disappear. It is now up to HTC to send out a quick patch to resolve this particular glitch from its 2013 flagship. The Taiwanese manufacturer is yet to comment on the bug, but we should hear a word or two soon.

The first video recorded after the KitKat update will reportedly feature stereo audio, but any videos recorded post that will only contain mono-audio. But thanks to the findings of curious users, there appears to be a Google Now based workaround to enable the stereo mic for videos.

Whenever a user wants to record videos from the camera, all they have to do is head over to Google now and press the mic button, which will enable the stereo microphones. Recording videos after this little trick will enable stereo audio in videos.