Google I/O Registration Delayed Until Next Week


If you got up extra early this morning to register for Google I/O, then you may as well go back to bed for a bit. Google today pushed registration back to next Tuesday while it works to make the sign-up process even easier for developers.

“We’re still working to make the registration process even easier for you, and it will now be open four days starting next week (opening next Tuesday and closing Friday),” Google confirmed in a post on Google+. But it seems the process will actually be no different.

Applicants will have four days to apply for tickets, and Google will select attendees at random once registration closes. Those lucky enough to be picked will receive an email with details on how to purchase their ticket a short while later.

Google I/O registration was originally set to open today, and the event itself will take place on June 25 and June 26. Google traditionally makes several announcements during those two days — one of which concerns its next major upgrade to Android — so there’s tremendous demand for tickets.

Apple has adopted a similar random selection process for its own Worldwide Developers Conference this year after last year’s ticket allocation sold out in just 70 seconds. It makes the whole process a little fairer, and it means every application has the same chance of obtaining a ticket — regardless of their time zone.