Amazon’s Fire TV Gamepad Is So Hot You Can’t Get One Till May


If you haven’t already placed your order for an Amazon Fire TV game controller, then you’re in for a lengthy wait. It’s selling so well that orders placed today won’t ship until May 11 at the earliest.

It was difficult to predict just how successful the Fire TV might be due to strong competition from devices like the Roku 3, the Apple TV, and the significantly cheaper Google Chromecast. Some were especially skeptical about its gaming potential based on the failure of other Android-powered consoles like the Ouya.

But it appears gamers can’t wait to play their favorite Android titles on the big screen, because the Fire TV gamepad has seen strong demand since it went on sale last week. Orders were initially delayed until late April, while shipping estimates have today slipped again to mid-May.

It’s hard to say what this means for sale figures exactly, because we don’t know whether Amazon simply underestimated demand or had a shortage of Fire TV controllers to begin with. But if the retail giant is selling them faster than it can make them, that’s certainly a good sign.

Have you ordered your Fire TV controller yet?