Screenshots Of The New Android TV Set Top Box Spotted [Leak]

Android TV

The Google TV home media console has long reached an end of life status with only a few devices currently offering the service in the market today. However, the Mountain View company was expected to reboot the segment by launching a rebranded device called the Android TV. Over the weekend, some screenshots of this set top box have leaked out showing a fresh and detailed user interface.

Since this is a Google product, syncing between devices will be given precedence, which essentially means that users can pick up a movie or TV show from where they left off on another connected Android product.

Android TV Apps

There is believed to be a dedicated gaming controller as well, thanks to its recent acquisition of Green Throttle. The console is also believed come with a remote containing menu, home and back buttons just like a standard Android device. So it seems like the Amazon Fire TV could soon have a contender in the market.

Android TV Movies

As you can see from the screenshots, the UI is fairly simple and makes it easy for the users to access content. It will be interesting to see how these rumors will materialize and if Google can salvage the demand for home media devices with its new offering.