Moto Maker To Sell Leather-Backed Smartphones This Year [Rumor]

Moto X - Moto Maker

Motorola will let customers slap leather backs on their smartphones later this year, according to a cryptic tweet from Twitter leaker @evleaks.

Moto Maker, Motorola’s online configuration tool, offers deep levels of customization, enabling buyers to modify many aspects of the company’s flagship Moto X smartphone. Last year’s novel addition of wooden back panels for the Moto X was only the beginning of Motorola’s move toward natural smartphone cases, if the latest rumor is to be believed.

2013:wood::2014:leather ,” tweeted @evleaks, the account run by tech blogger Evan Nelson Blass.

Beyond that, there’s no time frame for specifically when leather backs might be available from the manufacturer.

The leather rumor follows another weekend leak about Motorola’s plans for the future, now that the formerly Google-owned company has been purchased by Lenovo. Late last week, @evleaks revealed a logo for what is assumed to be the Moto X successor, supposedly called the Moto X+1, saying the phone was “coming soon.”

What’s your opinion on the wooden variants of the Moto X? And would you buy a leather-backed phone?