Calcoid Is The Prettiest Calculator App You’ll Find In Google Play


When you’re on the hunt for a new calculator app, the last thing you’re likely to be concerned about is looks. But that’s one of the main focuses for Calcoid, by far the prettiest scientific calculator you can buy for Android.

Calcoid looks like it was designed for iOS 7 — in a good way. It sports extraordinarily colorful backgrounds that you can change, and a stylish font. And it’s probably the only calculator app you’ll find in Google Play that doesn’t actually have any buttons.

Well, it does have buttons, of course — but they don’t resemble traditional buttons; you just tap the white digits and icons.

“We wanted to make the traditional calculator attractive and fun,” Calcoid’s creators told Cult of Android. “We wanted every android smartphone owner, regardless of the brand and price, to feel they have something so cool and exclusive.”


Calcoid isn’t all about looks, though — it’s also an incredibly useful scientific calculator with lots of functionality. You can calculate degrees and radians, logarithm, percentages, and perform trigonometric functions. You can also toggle user-customizable sounds.

Calcoid is so good that it’s amassed over 40,000 downloads in just two weeks, and currently boasts a 4.1 rating on Google Play. What’s more, it’s going to get better.

“We will soon add features like parenthesis, full screen mode, maybe tiny animations and more,” Calcoid told us. You can also expect to see even more background colors.

You’ll find two versions of Calcloid in Google Play. They both contain the same amount of functionality, but one’s free and ad-supported while the other, Calcoid Plus, costs $0.99 and doesn’t contain any advertising.