Google Play’s New ‘People’ Section Shows You What Your Friends Like


Google has introduced a new “People” section to the Play Store that helps users discover new apps, games, and other content based on what their friends like. It presents you with a whole bunch of titles that have been rated or reviewed by the people in your Google+ circles, and suggests other users you may wish to follow.

At the top of the People section, you’ll see highlights “from familiar faces.” This is where you’ll find all the Android apps and games that your friends like. Not only will you see who rated or shared each title, but also how many stars they awarded it.

You’ve been able to see friends’ ratings in Google Play for some time, of course. But before the introduction of the People section, you mostly just happened to stumble across them while browsing the store; it wasn’t possible to see recommended apps all in one place.

You can also find recommended apps from certain people via the “people you follow” section. It presents you with all your Google+ friends in alphabetical order, and you can either scroll through them or use the search function to find a particular person. Tapping their face displays all the titles they’ve recommended on Google Play.


Finally, People provides you with recommendations for other Google+ users you might like to follow — presumably based on your interests and the users you’re already connecting with.

It’s certainly a nice addition to Google Play, and it’s a great way to discover new apps, games, music, movies, and more. They’re not all machine-generated suggestions like we’re normally accustomed to, but real recommendations from real people you know.