ChatON Now Lets You Recall Accidental Messages After They’re Sent


We’ve all sent messages that have quickly filled us with shame and regret the second we hit the send button. Usually they’re dispatched in a drunken stupor, sometimes during a heated debate, and other times you simply chose the wrong contact.

But wouldn’t it be nice if you could get them back before they’re read?

With the latest version of Samsung ChatON, you can.

Before that regret sets in, you can quickly tap and hold a message you’ve sent and tap the “cancel” button to recall it. Providing you were quick enough, and the recipient hasn’t already read it, all they’ll see is a message that reads “this message has been recalled.”

But there is a catch.

“Depending on the recipient’s version of ChatON, platform and device, the function may or may not work,” Samsung says. So if your friend isn’t running the latest version of ChatON, or they have an unsupported device, there’s a chance the recall feature won’t actually do anything.

You probably shouldn’t rely on it, then. If you have a habit of sending embarrassing messages after a wild night out, it’s probably best you just stay away from your phone altogether. But it’s nice to have the feature there just in case.

The latest update also brings the ability to send large file attachments (up to 1GB at a time) up to five times per day, and a number of other improvements. You can download ChatON now from Google Play by following the link below.