The HTC One S Features Unique Durability Thanks To Micro Arc Oxidation [Video]

Future owners of the HTC One S can kiss third-party protective cases goodbye thanks to aircraft grade aluminum and a process called micro arc oxidation. HTC wanted to push the limits with their new “One” series of devices and using this MAO process on the One S gives it a unique durability and strength three times greater than that of stainless steel. Is this type of durability necessary for a consumer phone? HTC thinks so — and so do I!

The process is quite extraordinary and is the same technology NASA uses on its satellites. The process involves zapping aircraft 6000 series aluminum with 10,000 volts of energy which causes a microscopic reaction resulting in a ceramic-like surface with excellent protection against wear, corrosion, heat, as well as offering electrical insulation. To be honest, they didn’t really have to explain any further than “aircraft grade aluminum” and I was sold. Just goes to show you how far some companies will go to ensure consumers are getting the best product possible. Very cool HTC, very cool.