Dragon Mobile Assistant Now Lets You Unlock Your Android Using Your Voice


Nuance this week rolled out a new version of Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android that gives users the ability to unlock their smartphones using only their voice. The release also introduces a new landscape view, and a revamped in-app browser experience.

After installing the latest version of Dragon Mobile Assistant, you’ll find a new “Attentive Mode” option within the app’s settings menu. Once enabled, you teach it your voice print by saying “Hello, Dragon” three times, and you can then use this command to unlock your device.

Nuance warns, however, that using Attentive Mode will have a significant impact on your handset’s battery life — which is something you’ll want to bear in mind. If you start using it and notice your battery is draining faster than normal, it’s because your device is always listening to you.

In addition to Attentive Mode, the new update finally adds a landscape view — making Dragon Mobile Assistant easier to use in Driver Mode. There are also some in-app browser improvements that promise faster search results with more content, and the ability to share.

You can download Dragon Mobile Assistant for free from Google Play by following the link below.