Xiaomi Has Reportedly Sold Over 11 Million Smartphones In 2014

Xiaomi Logo

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is known for its budget ranged handsets like the Redmi and the recently launched Redmi Note. Thanks to low-cost devices like these, the sales volume of the company is pretty high. And according to new figures published by the company, it has sold over 11 million smartphones in 2014 already, which is a remarkable feat considering that we’re only three months into the year.

Earlier today, we spoke of how the Redmi Note sold over 100,000 units within 34 minutes of its availability, so this figure is no surprise really.┬áIt’s hard to imagine where the sales figures could have reached if the manufacturer had a presence outside China too.

With plenty more budget devices to come in the next few months, Xiaomi hopes to sell over 60 million devices by the end of the year. Originally, the company expected to sell 40 million smartphones in 2014, but this new sales report has made Xiaomi rethink its figures and rightly so.

The manufacturer expects to launch handsets in neighboring Asian regions in the coming months, so that could prove to be crucial as well. As it stands right now, Xiaomi is one of the top Chinese mobile OEMs with high-end handsets like the Mi2S and the Mi3 accompanied by low cost Redmi devices.