Android 4.4 Update For The HTC Butterfly Confirmed

HTC Butterfly

The HTC Butterfly is over a year and a half old and it was one of the first Android handsets to sport a 1080p display back in 2012. Most users of the smartphone had given up hopes of seeing the Android 4.4 update, but HTC has now confirmed that an update is on the horizon via its official Facebook page.

An HTC representative said this while responding to a user query, so this is coming from a very legitimate source. That being said, it’s hard to take this seriously as we’ve seen such occurrences happen in the past only to see the company backtrack at the very last minute. So either way, we suggest you take this new revelation with a grain of salt.

The Butterfly S started receiving the update a few weeks ago while the original HTC Butterfly was slated to get the update during the March-April time frame. With March already out of the way, it’s safe to assume that the update could make its way to devices in the coming weeks.

HTC Butterfly KitKat

We hope to hear more on the update schedule for the Butterfly S from HTC in the days to come.