Galaxy S5 Has Built-In ‘Baby Crying Detector’


Samsung hopes to attract new parents to its upcoming Galaxy S5 with a built-in “baby crying detector” that provides a vibrating alert when it hears a crying baby.

The new feature, which wasn’t mentioned during Samsung’s press unveiling in Barcelona last month, is just of one of many Galaxy S5 accessibility options designed to help those with a hearing impairment.

“This function works best when your phone is placed within 1m from the baby and with no background noise,” a warning notice reads when activating the detector.

It’s not quite a baby monitor replacement, then; if your Galaxy S5 can hear your baby crying, then you’re likely to hear it, too. But if you have trouble hearing, then the vibrating alert will certainly come in handy. It’s thought the feature will also work alongside the Galaxy Gear to send an alert to your wrist.

“This function is intended to be used as a parenting aid and not as a medical device or a substitute for human care-giving,” the disclaimer continues. “Do not leave your baby in a home or place unattended while using this function.”


While the Galaxy S5 may be cutting-edge, then, it’s certainly not a replacement for a proper babysitter.

Maybe next year.