HTC One M8 Mini Appears On Carrier Website


Almost every flagship has a smaller sidekick these days, and it seems the new HTC One M8 will be no different. While HTC is yet to confirm the rumored One M8 mini, one European carrier is already anticipating its arrival.

In a blog post published this week, which detailed which smartphones are compatible with its HD Voice feature, Swiss carrier Telia named the “M8 mini” right under the regular M8 in a list of handsets made by HTC.


The carrier has since removed that list of HTC devices from its post altogether.

When asked about the M8 mini in the comments section, a Telia representative told one customer, “it must have been an error that crept into the list. Now we have changed to a list of the models we have in our catalog right now.”

There’s no doubt this was an error — the M8 mini should not have appeared in that list — but the question now is was this was simply a misunderstanding or was the device was listed because Telia is preparing for its imminent arrival?

Last year’s HTC One mini didn’t arrive until August — five months after the original One went on sale — so we weren’t expecting an M8 mini for at least several months. And we still expect that to be the case.

HTC has a problem keeping upcoming handsets under wraps, so it’s likely we’ll see the M8 mini leaked several times before it actually goes on sale. Given that we haven’t seen it at all yet, we’re likely to be waiting a little while for this device.

We have no doubt there will be an M8 mini — just don’t expect it to be available for a few months yet.